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If there is one particular place in the Maltese archipelago which truly embodies the uniquely beautiful clear waters of the Mediterranean is the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. Many of those who visited this unique spot has referred to it as one of the best spots to swim and if you see the pictures of this place you’ll stop wondering why. It’s like swimming in a large natural swimming pool plus the extra value thanks to the rocky cliffs which surround it. This is all you need to know about a visit to the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino.

Blue Lagoon sandy beach


Quick tips

  • Get sunscreen! There are no trees in Blue Lagoon so be ready to stay for a long time under the sun;
  • Get cash with you;
  • You can buy food and drinks in Blue Lagoon;
  • If you are going to walk, get tight shoes or at least some sandals;
  • Go there early to avoid the crowds;
  • If you are a group, you can visit the Blue Lagoon by hiring a private boat with a skipper as it will cost you almost the same price as a big touristic boat. There are many options with departures from different private marinas around Malta.
  • If Blue Lagoon will be too busy for you, walk to St. Marija Bay as this will be a calmer place almost as much beautiful;
  •  There are good public toilettes and showers;
  • There are lifeguards, so make sure to follow their indications. During some days the currents can be quite strong and therefore, the lifeguards will allow swimming only next to the shore;
  • You can get to Blue Lagoon by ferry from both, the island of Malta and Gozo.

Where is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is the most popular beach on the island of Comino. Comino, referred by the locals as (Kemmuna), is the third-largest island which forms part of the Maltese archipelago of islands. It sits exactly between the two main islands, Malta and Gozo. If you get the ferry to cross from Malta to Gozo you will definitely notice this relatively large island in the middle. Sometimes, if the weather is not good, the ferry will actually pass very closely to Comino in order to avoid a good bashing of waves.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon?

The first step to getting to the Blue Lagoon is, obviously, reaching the island of Comino. We have a very detailed article on how to get to Comino and Blue Lagoon which can be reached by this link. But to give you a general idea, there are frequent ferries which operate either from Cirkewwa, Mgarr (Gozo), Sliema and Bugibba.

Once you step onto Comino, every beach is pretty much accessible by walking. So even if you stop at any other area, say, for example, Santa Marija Beach, getting to Blue Lagoon is also accessible on foot. We would suggest you wear sandals or shoes if you have to walk because you’ll have to walk on some sharp rocks at some point in your short journey.

If you intend to go to Blue Lagoon and settle there for a whole day, we suggest going by getting a private chartered boat. You will enjoy the bay in a unique way, away from the crowds and surrounded by the sea. You’ll also avoid having to walk in the hot sun. Click here to know more about how to organize a chartered boat for one day.

Blue Lagoon view

When to visit the Blue Lagoon

There is one obvious answer to this question – Summer! The Blue Lagoon is all about having the unique opportunity to dive and swim in this incredible water, so that ‘s why going to Blue Lagoon requires nice weather and the right temperature. However, although the middle of the summer the sun will be ideal for a nice dip in the sea, there is a catch. The peak summer months, mostly between June and September, will attract thousands of tourists. Don’t forget, the Blue Lagoon is possibly the most significant, most popular touristic spot of all the Maltese islands. And you also have to consider the size. Blue Lagoon might be big, but only when compared to other beaches in Malta. So perhaps, if you are a traveller who does not like the crowds, you should visit Blue Lagoon either right before the peak season, March-May, or right after, between the end of October and November. The water can be still relatively warm even in December and get colder in January. On a sunny winter day, the temperatures in Malta can reach 20 degrees, so there are some swimmers in Blue Lagoon during the winter as well.

Blue Lagoon boat

History of Blue Lagoon

The island of Comino is full of history, that is why you can notice a beautiful medieval tower in on the cliffy side of the island. And if you wish to explore some historical areas it would be best if you actually go in cooler months, because there are some short walks to do. For more detailed information on the history of Comino in general, try our link here on the island of Comino.

The Blue Lagoon, per se, is not a place which attracts people who are interested in history. One thing which we would refer to when we speak about the past of Blue Lagoon is how the bay has increased in popularity exponentially. The interesting bit is that this popularity started centuries ago. In the 1500s, the island served as a recreational island for the knights of St John which, at the time, were residing on the island. So, as you swim in this beautiful spot, think on how centuries ago this area was untouched and all for a couple of knights to discover!

Blue Lagoon sailing boats

Things to do in Blue Lagoon

As one would assume, most of the activities which can be done at Blue Lagoon will be related to the sea. Therefore, the most obvious of all activities would be to spend a lazy day swimming in crystal clear waters! But there’s more.

  • If you are interested in marine wildlife, we suggest you do some snorkelling;
  • Diving is also an option. Just outside of the Blue Lagoon there is a wreck of an old German boat at about 12 meters depth. Get in touch with any of the diving schools in Malta or Gozo to know more;
  • Discover the caves by swimming inside them;
  • Rent a kayak and discover the area around the lagoon;
  • Rent a banana boat if you wish to add some adrenaline to your day;
  • Rent a charter boat for one whole day and experience the true nature of the Lagoon by literally being surrounded by water all of the time.

The Blue Lagoon is very family-friendly. There are parts which are sandy and shallow, but if you want to go into the deeper end you can as well. One of the most interesting adventures you can do is to swim from Blue Lagoon to Cominotto (Kemunett in Malta) which is the little isolated island opposite the rocky beach of Blue Lagoon. It’s not a very long swim and although it involves some experience, it can be done quite easily.

Blue Lagoon top view

Where to eat in Blue Lagoon

Comino in itself does not offer a lot of options with regards to food. Technically speaking, it is only the hotel (Comino Hotel) which has a fully-fledged restaurant. However, on the rocky side of Blue Lagoon, you might be able to find some kiosks selling fast-food. Nothing fancy, but it will do the job.

What we recommend is that you prepare some packed lunch with you and go and eat it somewhere quiet. If you are going to get a day charter boat then you eliminating this issue because normally charter boats include food in the price.

Sleeping in Blue Lagoon

Most of the people visit Blue Lagoon for a day then go back to either Malta or Gozo. Both islands are at a relatively short distance. But, if you wish to stay overnight, the option is either staying at the only hotel there is or sleep in a tent at the campsite, just above Santa Marija Bay.

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