Sunrise Malta – most amazing sunrise spots in Malta

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Sunrise Malta
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Discover some of the most amazing sunrise spots in Malta

Good news for those of you who don’t normally like to sleep it in while on holiday in Malta. The island hosts some major iconic sunrise scenes in the Mediterranean and we’re going to tell you where to find some of them.

Upper Barrakka, Valletta

Malta’s capital city, Valletta is a beautiful old city surrounded by fortifications which have an interesting history to tell. If you do get to go to Valletta early in the morning, just before the sun is up, head to the popular Upper Barrakka gardens close to Castille Square and wait to be enchanted by an incredible scene of the rising sun.

Upper Barrakka Gardens Sunrise
Upper Barrakka Gardens Sunrise

Riviera Bay

If Golden Bay is famous for its stunning sunsets, then Riviera beats it for an incredible sunrise. This quiet, the well-reserved beach is hidden under small hills. When calm, the sea is simply beautiful. So sit back and soak in the view while dipping your toes in the golden sand.

Riviera Bay sunrise
Riviera Bay sunrise


Sliema and St. Julian’s are normally associated with the vast options of places to eat, drink and party. But Sliema also holds its quiet secret too. Maybe you’ll want to take an early morning stroll or jog, or if you simply like to make the most of your day and head for an early coffee, the Sliema promenade can offer fantastic views of the rising sun.

Sliema sunrise
Sliema sunrise

Qbajjar, Gozo

Watching the sunrise while at the area known as il-Qbajjar in Gozo, near the popular destination of Marsalforn, is perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences you can have while on this secret gem of the Mediterranean. It would be ideal if you choose to camp close to the salt pans and set an alarm for around 5:45 am so as not to miss the scene.

Qbajjar sunrise
Qbajjar sunrise

Perhaps, if you want to truly seclude yourself and enjoy this rare beauty, you should get on a sailing boat and head to open water for truly incredible sunrise at sea.

Set your alarms folks!

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