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Things that makes Malta famous in the world
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The elements which make Malta world-famous

If you have been asking yourself about what is Malta famous for, then here you will find your answer. The archipelago of the Maltese islands is small. Its a tiny little country but with so much to offer, your mind will be blown away. Malta draws the attention of thousands of tourists from all across the globe and the islands have become synonymous with major attractions. But besides all this, Malta is famous on the world spectrum for some fantastic reasons:

Famous cinematic productions

Malta has managed to provide amazing backdrops for major movie locations. Game of Thrones, Gladiator and Troy are only a few of the major big names in Hollywood which make Malta famous for film locations.

Interesting history

Malta is home to some of the worlds oldest temples. The temples of Imnajdra or Ggantija are much older than Macchu Pichu of Peru or the Pyramids in Egypt. They are prehistoric and go back to thousands of years. Not to mention the old capital medieval city of Mdina or the capital itself, Valletta with fortifications so grand and unique. The Maltese Knights of St John are also part of an important era and famous worldwide. Malta was the country that was most bombed during the World wars (in relation to its size) mostly because of its strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

The crystal sea waters

The true secret of the Maltese islands lies in its waters. Malta, Comino and Gozo are rich with very famous diving and snorkelling spots. Besides beautiful beaches all along the coast, Blue Lagoon is famous worldwide. Make sure you get the true taste of the Maltese sea by visiting it, maybe on a private boat ride while on holiday in Malta. It will be a once in a lifetime experience you won’t regret.

Here you can find a full guide about how to get to the Blue Lagoon of Comino island.

Warm climate

Famous for its warm climate and quantity of sunny days. It is true that Maltese climate is nothing similar to Canarian islands (in winter here it can be cold), but it has 300 days of sunshine in average and it is ranking as one of the best countries to live in, in international studies of living abroad.

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The Maltese cuisine

Food in Malta is so varied, even perhaps thanks to the influences of the Italians and Arabs. From the famous Maltese Rabbit stew to the Hobza biz zejt, Gbejniet, Maltese sausage, Pastizz and much more. So much to eat, don’t get us started!

Evgheni Bordeniuc
Evgheni Bordeniuc
Passionate about the sea, people and adventure, Evgheni does creative writing. He is a healthy food enthusiast and the captain of the sailing yacht Mowgli.

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