Dolphins Malta – Unexpected Meeting

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Incredible Meeting with dolphins in Malta

19th September 2018 Sailing

As a usual routine when we plan on going out with the boat we start off by checking fuel, water and food, especially since we were planning to stay out for 2 days. Both Marie’ Claire and I, Evgheni, were quite excited since we hadn’t had to boat just to ourselves for months due to the peak season. We usually are busy taking out clients as we offer our boat for rent

Preparation for sailing

Once we had checked the weather and that all the boat was prepared, we took off sailing to Comino Island. This was a perfect opportunity for Marie’ Claire to practice her sailing on our way there. Wind seemed to be perfect, we took a bit of a diversion so we could enjoy the sailing a bit more and we were sailing at an average of 5 knots. We also had a fishing rod with us, we thought of fishing on our way and if we catch some fish, we would put it on the grill in the evening even if we don’t usually do so since we both mostly follow a vegan diet. After about 30 minutes of sailing, we caught a tuna of about 1kg, Marie Claire had said that she would help me take it up with the net once the fish is close to the boat. When doing so, she saw the fish suffering and asked me to set it free, seeing her with tears in her eyes, I couldn’t say no, and I set it free.

Beautiful show with dolphins of Mediterranean sea

We kept sailing and enjoying the beauty of wind and the sense of freedom this gives us.  We didn’t know yet what we were about to encounter. About an hour later we were close to the fish farms that are placed in the vicinity of Mellieha Bay, Marie’ Claire saw some unusual movement in the sea and after taking a better look we noticed that there were 5 dolphins. We were both extremely happy and excited, especially Marie Claire (you can hear her voice in the video) who saw them for the very first time. We decided to get closer, so, we changed are course towards them, hoping not to scare them off and miss such opportunity to see such wonderful creatures. To our surprise, the dolphins didn’t seem to mind us, possibly because we were with our engine off. We tried to drop the speed to spend most of the time with them. And once we did that, the dolphins offered to us a spectacular time by jumping out of the water in all their beauty and swimming right beneath our boat. After about an hour or so, as the sun began to set we decided to sail away. We made our way to the Blue Lagoon, where we decided to spend the night, and just before we entered they showed up again near our yacht, made a few jumps and left again. We decided that this was their way of telling us goodbye, or so we would like to think.

This day was definitely one of the nicest days at sea we have ever experienced. To close off the day, we prepared a vegan barbecue (since the tuna had been put back in the sea) and celebrated with a bottle of wine.

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