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Where is the boat located?

Our boat is located in Marina di Valletta, Triq Sa Maison – Haywharf, Tal-Pietà, Malta.

How do we reserve the boat?

You can reserve the boat by sending us a deposit (30% of the total cost can be enough) to our bank account:

Holidays in Malta Limited
IBAN: MT08APSB77013000000041933820010
APS Bank Ltd, APS Centre, Tower Street, B’kara BKR4012, Malta

Which route do you suggest for a day charter?

We suggest to sail to Comino and the beginning of Gozo, combine the 3 islands in one tour. The stops can be: St Paul Islands, Armier Bay, Crystal Lagoon of Comino, Blue Lagoon of Comino, Mgarr Xini in Gozo.

How far is Comino from Valletta by boat?

Comino is at 14 nautical miles from Valletta. It is at about 2 hours of navigation with a sailing boat from Valletta.

Can we stop in a restaurant for some lunch?

t is possible to stop in Mgarr Marina for lunch. There are nice local restaurants there. However, to moor the boat in Mgarr Marina, it is necessary to pay the fee for half a day mooring of approximately 25 Euro.

Can we bring our own food and drinks on board of the yacht?

Absolutely yes. You can bring drinks and food. The boat has 2 fridges and a fully equipped kitchen. You can warm up your food and cool your drinks.

Can we take a shower on the yacht?

Yes, you can take a shower on our yacht. There are 2 showers inside and one outdoor.

Where do we get picked up from?

We can pick you up in St.Julians, Portomaso marina, only if you are a client of the Hilton Hotel.

Other options: Bugibba, Mellieha, Cirkewwa, Mgarr marina in Gozo.

Easy and comfortable departure is from Marina di Valletta. Private free parking is guaranteed to our clients.

Can we go around Malta in one day with the boat? How long does it take?

To go around Malta it is necessary to book the boat at least for 2 days with overnight.

How far is Sicily from Malta by boat?

Sicily is located at 60 nautical miles, approximately 80 kilometers from the island of Malta.

To arrive in Sicily from Malta with a sailing boat it will take about 8-10 hours. The closest destination is Marina di Ragusa. It also possible to arrive in Sicily with a high-speed Catamaran of Virtu Ferries in about 2 hours.

We can take groups to Sicily however since it is an international crossing, we would need to agree on the terms privately.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Malta and on the boat?

It is officially safe to drink the tap water in Malta but the taste of it will make you want to buy the bottled H2O. We use it for cooking. Same it is for the water on the boat. We take our water from the marina tap water can and store it in our tanks.

Our Tours

Explore the Maltese coasts on board of our sailing yacht on a private charter: visit Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon

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Visit a local restaurant just at 5 minutes walk away from the capital city. Balzunetta Restaurant will blow your mind with their quality food and atmosphere. Check their menu and book your table here.

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