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San Blas beach
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The island of Gozo is much smaller than the island of Malta. Nevertheless, in Gozo, one can find some of the most picturesque beaches of all the Archipelago. Gozo, being a less populated island, we can assure you, that your experience on this island will be a more peaceful one. You can surely manage to enjoy some alone time on some beaches if you make your way there early, since, only some of the beaches will have kiosks or restaurants.

Discovering Gozo’s beaches can be a bit complicated if you’re using public transport because some of the spots are difficult to be reached. Don’t worry, in this article, we will show you all the possible ways to get to the most beautiful beaches in Gozo so that you can choose your preferred way.

If you’re using public transport, the route to the beaches will be through the capital Victoria, but in some cases, it will also be possible to get the direct bus from Mgarr.

Ramla Bay, Nadur

Ramla Bay Beach

Ramla Bay, known in Maltese Ir-Ramla l-Hamra (meaning the Red Beach), is one of the largest beaches in Gozo and as per its name, it is famous for its Red coloured sand. This beach is situated in Nadur, which is close to Xgħara, in the eastern part of Gozo. On the eastern part of this beach, on top of the hill you can find Mixta Cave, if you can manage to walk to the cave, we can assure you that the view from here is one you will not regret. This beach is quite far from residential areas. It is surrounded by nature, and therefore you will be able to find a restaurant on the beach and kiosks with drinks, fruits, ice cream and sandwiches.

How to get to Ramla Bay

You can reach Ramla Bay by bus 302 from Victoria or 322 from Mgarr or Marsalforn. Mgarr is the harbour city of Gozo where the ferry in Gozo. So, you could reach this place with public transport directly from the Ferry terminal. An option is also a Taxi that costs approximately €15.

  • From Victoria the bus is 302 that drives for about 20 minutes (19 possible stops) with direction to Ramla Bay passes every 60 minutes.
  • From Mgarr the bus is 322 that drives for about 16 minutes (16 possible stops) with direction to Marsalforn, passes every 90 minutes.

The bus stop is right at the exit of the Ferry Terminal. The bus stop to exit is Ramla and when you’re off the bus, from the bus stop you have to walk about 450 metres which takes about 6 minutes to reach the beach.


Wied Il-Għasri, Zebbug (Gozo)

Wied il-Ghasri Gozo

Wied il-Għasri, is a narrow creek cutting through stone cliffs with a tiny beach at the end. One of the most beautiful gems of Gozo, the view from the top is already breathtaking, however, to get to it, one has to go down a flight of 90 steps. The beach is one full of pebbles with very limited space for people, but on the side rocks, it is possible to find a spot too. This place is wild in nature and has no kiosks or restaurants. Generally, this beach does not get full of people since it is quite remote. It is a perfect spot for snorkeling, swimming and diving to its underwater caves. Also perfect for those who seek a quiet bathing area. If you plan on visiting the place, make sure to check that the sea current is not coming from North or North West, due to the beach being probably packed with jellyfish.

How to get to Wied il-Għasri

It is more advisable to get here by car. However, there is a way of arriving to Wied il-Għasri by bus.

If you’re using the bus, you will need to take the 309 (that drives for 11 minutes and can possibly make 12 stops) line from Victoria (every 60 minutes) and get out at the bus stop Onici. Once you’re out of the bus, there is a bit of a walk of about 16 minute, 1,2km.


San Blas Beach, Nadur

San Blas beach

San Blas Bay is known for its remoteness, and obviously for it being a really pretty beach. Its sandy colour will surely remind you of the sand in Ramla Bay. The beach is located in the North-Eastern part of Gozo, Nadur and has all one can need while spending half of the day here. One can rent a beach umbrella, sunbed and there is a small bar that offers food.

How to get to San Blas Bay

Being a very nice beach does not change the fact that visiting the beach by public transport is quite complicated. There is only one bus line 303 (that drives for 18 minutes and can make 21 stops) which arrives in the area. The bus stop is Weraq and is at 10 minutes walking distance. The difficulty is in the last 300 meters of the walk, that is very downhill and steep.


During the summer, the owner of the kiosk at the beach usually offers a ride back up at a Euro 2 per person.


Xlendi Bay, Munxar

Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay is one of the rocky beaches most frequented of Gozo. The rocky bottom of this bay makes the water very clear and the shape of a creek gives you the sense of unwinding while swimming. Besides the swimming zone in the water, there are many buoys around the bay, which you can always grab if you feel like having a rest. This is a perfect spot for dives from the rocks and is also very popular by scuba divers, with many diving schools off and around the beach.

The city of Xlendi itself is worth a visit even if not for swimming, there are many places where one could have a panoramic walk or just chill on benches or in a cafe on the seaside.

How to get to Xlendi Bay

To get to Xlendi Bay by bus, you need to take the line 306 or 330 from Victoria that runs every 60 minutes. The ride will be approximately 15 minutes.

The bus stop is Xmun.


Mgarr ix-Xini

Mgarr ix-Xini beach Gozo Island

Mgarr ix-Xini is a very beautiful gorge in the Southern part of Gozo. This sea river that goes inland, is ending with a half sandy half rocky beach. There are underwater caves in which you can get into by swimming. There is a seafood restaurant here, but in general, this place is quiet due to it being very difficult to access without having a car. The road that leads to Mgarr ix-Xini is a very narrow one, which has the width of a big car and therefore it is highly advisable for drivers to be cautious when they are visiting the beach. The road goes down to the sea from a hill which makes it more difficult to reach by walk but popular by off-road vehicles.

How to get to Mgarr ix-Xini

To get to Mgarr ix-Xini by public transport, it is not easy but still possible. Do not forget your comfortable walking shoes for the walking part of the trip is that of 2.1 km with a large part downhill. Keep in mind the heat and therefore always carry some water.

From Mgarr Vapur you can take the routes with destination to Victoria bus 301 every 40 minutes or 323 every 60 minutes and exit at the bus stop Heliport. The drive is just 10 minutes.

If you are departing from Victoria, take the same buses 301 or 323 but exit at the bus stop Cilja.

Walking direction:


Dwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay Gozo

Dwejra Bay, mostly owes its fame to the Azure Window (now ruins) that fell in the water on 8th March 2017. This beach remains one of the most beautiful of Gozo, thanks to its dramatic panorama and its crystal waters. It is now mostly visited for its Blue Hole that is a famous spot for diving. A diver can basically pass through the rocks underwater. Dwejra Bay is not a sandy beach and it is better to wear water shoes to enter the water. In the same location, there is Inland Sea (the only one in Malta), a lagoon connected to the sea by a narrow passage in the rock. From here it is possible to take an excursion on a wooden boat to visit the remaining coast. While visiting the area, make sure you visit the open area on the rock (on the left hand side when looking at where the Azure window used to be) here you can have a lovely swim, while you will also be visiting the spot where the Game of Thrones – Khalisi wedding was shot. Even though this is a remote area, here there are restaurants, kiosks and a diving centre, and a few souvenir trucks.

How to get to Dwejra Bay

To get to Dwejra Bay you can take the bus 311 from Victoria Bus Station until the last stop Dwejra.

From Mgarr, you need to change the bus in Victoria.


Hondoq Ir-Rummien, Hondoq Bay

Hondoq ir Rummien

Hondoq Ir-Rummien, is a small sandy beach in the southeast part of Gozo. Basically from here, you can see the Gozo channel and Comino. This place is very popular between locals and divers. Right next to the beach there is a small bay and a cave, easily accessible by swimming. There is a restaurant and also water sports. You can easily hire a kayak and visit the cave and Ras il-Qala Bay which is a little more to the east. Parking here is also very easy.

How to get to Hondoq ir Rummien Beach

Getting to the Hondoq Ir-Rummien bay it is not an easy task by public transport.

From Mgarr you can get the bus 303 that runs every 90 minutes with direction to Victoria. Get out after 11 minutes at the bus stop Qala. From here you will need to walk 1.8 km downhill for about 20 minutes.

From Victoria, you can only take the bus 303 with a ride of approximately 50 minutes.

The ride with the taxi should be not expensive from Mgarr as the distance by car is very short, only a 12 minutes ride.

During the summer period, some locals are offering a ride back up for tourists against a small charge.


Qbajjar Bay

Qbajjar Bay

Qbajjar Bay, is a shallow beach located close to Marsalforn. This beach has a rocky bottom with clear blue waters. Many people from Marsalforn come here to spend the day. Very famous between both locals and visitors. Used by divers, especially those beginners. There are a couple of bars here and some restaurants.

How to get to Qbajjar Bay

It is easy to reach Qbajjar Bay from Marsalforn or iż-Żebbuġ.

From Victoria, you can take the bus 310 with direction to Marsalforn that runs every 45 minutes. It is only a 14 minutes drive with possible 14 stops. The bus stop is Xwejni which is right next to the beach.

From Mgarr you can take the bus 322 with direction to Marsalforn that runs every 30 minutes. You need to get out on the bus stop Sajjied and walk for about 20 minutes.

In case you choose the option from Mgarr, here are the directions to get to Qbajjar Bay from the bus stop Sajjied:

Daħlet Qorrot Beach

Daħlet Qorrot Beach

Daħlet Qorrot Beach, is a small beach formed as an inlet in the Northern Gozo. It is in between the cliffs and has deep waters. This is a wild place in the nature but some fisherman have built some boat houses where they keep their nets.

How to get to Daħlet Qorrot Beach

To get to Daħlet Qorrot Beach by public transport will be involve quite a walk.

From Victoria or Mgarr you will need take the bus 303 that runs between these cities. You will need to get to the bus stop Wieqfa that is at about 27 minutes walk.
Here are walking directions:


Marsalforn Bay

Marsalforn Beach

Marsalforn Bay is a beach of the Village of Marsalforn. It is sandy with some small pebbles. This beach is popular as the village is also a popular resort destination of Gozo. It is a beautiful spot for swimming, but do not think about it as a place of nature but more as a swimming place in the city.

How to get to Marsalforn Bay

From Victoria get the bus 310 that departs every 30 minutes to Marsalforn. Exit at the bus stop Ulisse, that is at 11 minutes drive. All you need to do now is a walk for 3 minutes to the beach.

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