A luxury holiday in Malta: A review of the five star hotels on the island

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For such a small nation state in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta boasts of some incredibly beautiful 5 star hotels which you can stay in for your next holiday. 

Tourism is the biggest wheel-turner of the Maltese economy and therefore, it is to no surprise that the number of accommodations establishments has risen wildly in recent years. 

In this article we will be looking at some of the best hotels in Malta, what they offer and what people have said about their experience there. From entering the lobby, to dining and going up to the room. This is a look into Malta’s accommodation finest. 


The Westin Dragonara Resort 

This is one of the longest standing hotels on the island but it still manages to offer an amazing experience to those who stay here. It is located in the heart of Malta’s nightlife, St Julian’s but still holds its’ very own standard of class. 

The 7th and 8th floors offer amazing views. One should also note that since its’ in the hub of nightlife, finding peace and quiet can be tricky. Still, the hotel is huge and some spots are still nice and peaceful. 

Price range – €130 per night

Hilton Malta

Those who travel are no stranger to the Hilton, a brand which is synonymous with luxury and comfort. Hilton Malta is also located in St Julian’s but perhaps can offer a quieter escape in close proximity to the restaurant area of this locality. 

One side of the hotel overlooks the Portomaso Marina which sets a beautiful mood during your stay. Some still refer to the Hilton as the best hotel in Malta. 

Price range – €140 per night


Some locals refer to it as the ‘Interconti’, a luxurious hotel which hosted many international conferences over the years. Like the first two, this one also sits at the centre of vibrant life in St Julian’s. Actually, this hotel is perhaps in the very centre of the nightlife area, close to St Georges Bay. 

You’ll find an amazing infinity pool at the top floor, a better option, perhaps than the often crowded artificial beach which sits next to it. 

Price range – €140 per night

AX The Palace

AX group is company renowned for class and luxury in Malta. When they decided to set up The Palace, it came to no surprise that this development was made to impress. This hotel sits in Sliema, a place which also features nice bars and restaurants, but is still quieter than St Julian’s.

Price range – €100 per night

Phoenicia Hotel Malta

This five star hotel has become a national icon. Sitting right before entering the beautiful capital city of Valletta, Phoenicia Hotel really manages to capture the notion of an ideal place to stay. The area is much more relaxed, despite being so close to the city. Still close enough to a road where public transport passes all the time, but the place is still pristine. 

Price range – €110 per night

Grand Hotel Excelsior

Located in a unique area in Floriana, close to Valletta, the Grand Hotel Excelsior is unique five star hotel to stay in. Staying here means you’re five minutes away from the capital or the Grand Harbour. 

The interior is still quite dated despite renovations so it lacks that vibrant five star hotel look. But it is still a very popular destination among tourists who visit Malta. 

Price range – €100 per night

Radisson Blue Resort and Spa

On this same website we wrote about one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, Golden Bay. Well, you’d be thrilled to know that this hotel sits literally right on top of it. One downside of this five star accommodation is that it is not central, meaning that there might not be a lot to do unless go the beach. 

Price range – €100 per night

The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux 

The one true thing which makes this place boast with a nice five star at its door is its location. The Xara Palace sits in the silent city of Mdina, the former capital of Malta and unique small, fortified landmark. Staying here is like waking up in a museum. The location can get really quiet for some, so if you’re the kind of tourist to party, this is not the place for you. But to sit and relax and enjoy silence, it’s simply perfect. 

Price range – €120 per night

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz (Gozo) 

Of course Gozo has to have its’ very own five star luxury hotel. It comes in the shape of Kempinski Hotel in San Lawrenz. This is so far the only five star hotel you can get in Gozo. The location is truly unique, and being in Gozo means you’re always very close to everything. 

Price range – €120 per night

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