Marriage Proposal on a Boat – It’s a YES

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Wedding proposal on a boat in Malta
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Marriage Proposal with a difference

Being a big believer in marriage or not, I feel that most people brought up in the western world are looking forward to that day of their marriage proposal, no matter if you are a man or a woman. No matter how much time changes, no matter how much marriage now-a-days is becoming less and less popular, most people at some point in their lives think of this special day. I myself am not a big marriage believer but after having experienced being present for a proposal, I genuinely feel that everyone should have the opportunity to feel such special emotions, whether you are the person proposing or the one being proposed to.

Engagement Proposal on a chartered boat

Few days ago, I was contacted by a guy called Matthew who wanted to book a charter on a sailing boat’’. His request was quite specific, he wanted to rent the boat for him and his girlfriend for their 4th year anniversary, were he planned on popping the question! The booking was confirmed and the client asked if he could come and leave the champagne a day before, hoping that he would also have the opportunity to have a look at the boat to make sure that it was what he would expect for his marriage proposal.

Wedding Proposal Preparation

A day before and he seemed already anxious for the big proposal, I showed him the boat and all the necessary information he should know, I also pointed out that he could prepare a nice meal on our grill. He seemed to be thrilled, I informed him that they will be given as much privacy as possible on the day, so they could feel that they are almost alone on the boat.

How it went- She said YES

On the day, they were very punctual and we took off on time, they requested an extra two hours so they could experience a romantic sunset on the boat. As agreed, when we arrived at one of the planned spots, we dropped anchor and I let them enjoy the boat while giving them maximum privacy. He cooked a romantic lunch on the grill for his girlfriend which they both seemed to enjoy. Eating, swimming, snorkeling and drinking all were moments that summed up to a perfect day at sea.

It was then time to start making our way back, we had agreed that I would sail off to a private spot where there would not be any other boat and he would propose there. So when he felt that it was the right moment, he popped the question. I can’t explain the emotions, even if I was at the stern of the boat, I could still feel the deep emotions that took over in that exact moment. Obviously, she said yes! As many people always say, proposals are magical, and after having experienced it, I can now vouch for it too!

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