Visit Malta in 3 days – Short Break to Malta

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Visit Malta in 3 days
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Lately, we have become constantly in search of a get-away to escape the stress of our daily routine. When flying somewhere for a short break, you normally search for something that is different from where you are based. A holiday in Malta is somewhat the excellent choice for most people.

Malta is a country with a feel of a city! It’s a 27km long island but do not underestimate it because you will be surprised. Malta has both sandy and rocky beaches, highly rich in history, nightlife, nature and very interesting cuisine. What more would you want more for a short break?

When you have limited time and want to make the most of it, all you need is on point articles with relevant suggestions about what to visit and this is what we want to give you!

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Visit Malta in 3 days

For the history lovers
For those who love history and arts, Valletta, Mdina and the Temples are what you want to spend most of your time visiting. In addition to this, you can check the three cities (Senglea, Cospicua, Cottonera) which are very old and authentic Maltese cities.

Valletta can be easily reached by boat from Sliema Ferry or from the three cities and by bus from anywhere on the island. Mdina is the old capital city and surely worth a visit – while you’re there, do not forget to take a picture at the entrance, this is where the first season of Game of Thrones was shot. And if you’re a fan of sunsets, make your way to Dingli Cliffs, some of the most beautiful places to catch sunsets.

Beaches to Visit during the 3-day stay

Blue Lagoon in the island of Comino can be a day trip but also a half-day, swim in the crystal blue waters and have a walk around the island while making your way to the Crystal Lagoon, which is the place that is quite famous for Cliff jumping. Boats usually depart from the east or the north of Malta. You can, however, check out chartering a private boat to get there while also having a quick stop in the second-largest island of the archipelago, Gozo.

Ghajn Tuffeha, Golden Bay, Paradise Bay are three sandy beaches in the north of the island, when visiting Ghajn Tuffieha we highly recommend that you have a short walk on the clay side of the beach on your way to the sand when reaching the huge rock at the top, you will be able to see two beaches at the same time,  the second called Gnejna bay. In the north you can also find Popeye’s village, you can pay admission to visit the set of where the movie was shot or you can simply swim outside with the nice view of the set. For those who prefer those less popular and more difficult to access beaches, we recommend Imgiebah bay, Slugs bay, and the coral lagoon. All of which are also found in the north of Malta. Do not forget to take your snorkeling gear with you!

If you’re staying in the south, do not worry, there are also very nice places to swim there! Most certainly, you will be having a stop at Malta’s fishing village for the market and maybe eating some of the best fish on the island. While you’re there, get a boat, a taxi or walk to Malta’s famous St.Peter’s pool, do not worry, if you like less crowded places, take some good shoes and walk a few meters and you’ll soon find a place which is just for yourself!

Marsascala has nice and less discovered places such as St.Thomas bay. From here you can either rent a kayak and go round the Munxar area or if you are more into hiking, walk the Munxar path and enjoy also some wonderfully secluded areas.

Blue Grotto is popular for its blue water inside the caves, the best time to visit is before noon. Boats run till 3 pm in the winter period and 5 pm in summer.

Where to eat local in Malta

When visiting Marsaxlokk we recommend a place called ‘Rising Sun‘, here you can surely find the best value for money food while making sure you taste fresh homemade food cooked by locals.

If you’re into trying local food, our suggestion would be ‘Ta Rita Lapsi View‘, it never disappoints. It is located in Lapsi and has a spectacular view to Filfla (another Maltese island).

Before you leave Malta, you need to make sure that you have tasted pastizzi, these are both tasty and cheap! Try out the best ones when visiting Mdina at a place called ‘Crystal Palace‘.

Good Italian pizza in Malta

Few pizzerias around the Island that we recommend would be ‘Sotto‘ in Valletta, ‘Made in Sud‘ in St. Paul’s Bay and ‘Al Solito Posto’ in Sliema.

Maltese snacks

Malta offers the most delicious snacks, all of which have a retro design on the package, you can find these at any grocery shop, ask for ‘Sunshine Snacks‘. Last but definitely not least, you should try the Maltese ‘Imqaret’ these are pastries filled with dates, normally fried. And ‘Bigilla‘ a Maltese paste made from beans, it’s heaven!

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Worth a Visit when in Valletta

Visit a local restaurant just at 5 minutes walk away from the capital city. Balzunetta Restaurant will blow your mind with their quality food and atmosphere. Check their menu and book your table here.

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