Yacht charter etiquette you can’t ignore before heading aboard

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Yacht charter etiquette
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Booking a day or two on a yacht is a very exciting event on your holiday calendar. Although your anticipation is completely understandable, there are a couple of essential things you need to know about yacht etiquette. We are going to list the very essential here under, so that you are all prepared to enjoy your day on the yacht.

1- Ask permission to get on board

Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how people often forget that getting onto a yacht is literally like entering someone else’s house. So, asking a little permission can get you a long a way.

2- Remove your shoes!

Or at least, if you’re not keen on letting sea breeze touch your toes, wear clean deck shoes with light coloured soles.

3 – Respect the sea around you

The sea offers some spectacular views and a can be your platform for a fantastic holiday in Malta. That is why you have to make sure you respect the water around you and keep it clean. Nobody likes to swim in dirty water and that is why throwing any trash out of the yacht is completely unacceptable.

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4 – Respect your neighbours

Since we’re speaking of respecting the environment, why not add a little effort to respect the people who might be berthed next to your yacht or are like you, guests wanting to enjoy the sea breeze in peace? Keeping low music volume and avoid unnecessary noise. Sound travels much faster and better on the sea!

5 – Keep to the captain’s orders

You are on the yacht to enjoy yourself, but due to safety reasons, the captain’s word aboard the yacht is law. Never question why you should leave or stay on the boat. Every decision is held for your wellbeing.

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