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If you’re planning a trip to Malta and you’re trying to understand how to rent a boat and discover Malta from the sea perspective, then you are in the right place.

Renting a boat in Malta is very simple, as there are many companies offering this service.
These can be sailing yachts, motor yachts, luxury yachts, small motor boats or the traditional Maltese boats called Luzzu. The ways to find the right boat for you are these:

Hotel Concierge

You can ask the Concierge of your hotel as most of the time they collaborate with a yacht hire in Malta. Obviously this means that you are already on the island and at this point, you will need to get what is available due to request being last minute (this might even reflect on the price being a bit higher).

Social Media

Most of the yacht rentals and charter companies in Malta use Facebook and/or Instagram and as any other businesses, you can contact them via these networks. Wait for the reply but if they don’t get back to you, it is better to send them an email.

Yacht hire agencies

If you try to search online for the boat hire, you can easily end up on the page of an online travel agency such as Click and Boat, Samboat or many others. Most of them are reliable. On such websites you can find many companies and boat owners. Here you can send messages to the company and agree the details via chat.

Direct contact

You can use internet for finding a company or a boat owner directly (this will allow you to save some money from commissions). Get on the company website, there are a few. Make sure to read their reviews. This will give you an idea of the experience the company offers to clients and help you decide if it is suitable for you. You can contact them for a quotation and availability. Note that it is a good idea to ask about your captain, just a few questions, who he is, what languages he speaks and his license. In Malta it is necessary to have a commercial license from Transport Malta or Royal Yacht Association to be able to operate as a skipper and have paying clients on board. This is a crucial point when hiring a boat, because if your boat is stopped and your captain does not have a proper license for charters, the day might be ruined.

Read Rewiews on Tripadvisor

Reading Tripadvisor reviews is a great way to get to know about the boat hire company you will be spending a day with and get the email to send a request for quotation.

What do you need to know when renting a boat

Is it allowed to bring food and alcohol on the boat?

In most cases it is allowed to bring your own food and alcohol on board if you wish to do so. Just to make sure, ask your captain or try to find this information if booking on any website beforehand.

Departure and return point/time?

Set a departure and return points and time, the hours to be at sea with the yacht hire company.

Sailing routes

Most of the companies are flexible with the route when you hire a private boat. However, it is better to consult your captain and decide the route together in accordance to the wind and sea conditions.

Cancellation policy

Inform yourself about the company’s cancellation policy. Ask what will happen to the deposit if the weather is bad on the day of the charter. The ideal solution (which should be a standard) that you will be given a full refund if the weather is not safe to go out.

Are children allowed on the boat?

Sure! Just ask your captain before hand if he has life jackets for children in right amount and size. If the child is an infant, there should be also infant life jackets on board.

Pregnant women on board

Women who are pregnant and feel that they are fit to go on a boat, can certainly go under own responsibility. In this case, it is advisable to communicate about this matter with the captain and let him know about. This way he will try to make the route most comfortable for you. It is advisable to ask for medical advise beforehand.

Are pets allowed on board?

Some captains do not permit the pets on board due to the fact that they can scratch the surface or make other damages to the boat. It’s always worth asking though.

Weather forecast

Consider checking the wind forecast in advance on Windfinder or Windy. Also the website of Malta International Airport provides very accurate information for 3 days weather forecast for mariners.

What to pack with you on a day cruise:

If your day charter doesn’t include food, then make sure you get with you some snacks and sandwiches. Some hotels can pack a lunch for you if you have all inclusive deal. You might want to consider buying some pastizzi that are a traditional Maltese fast food, or stop to a local shop and ask them to make you a traditional bread.
Bring towels and snorkeling equipment, as Malta is a really great destination for snorkeling. Protect your skin with a sun screen and stay hydrated while sunbathing.

Enjoy your sailing in Malta!

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