What makes Malta a perfect Sailing Destination

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Sailing in Malta
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Sailing in Malta is one of the most rewarding activities you can do while visiting the islands. Many believe that it’s just for the summer season, but this activity is actually a year-round activity due to the warm climate and graceful winds on the island. If you have been thinking if Malta is a good sailing destination, then the short answer is: yes.

Here are the reasons that make Malta a perfect sailing destination:

There is almost always some wind in Malta

Malta is in the Mediterranean sea, where there is almost always some wind. Due to this, it is most of the time possible to open the sails and enjoy the sound of the surf crashing against the hull.

Many small Islands to discover

Maltese islands
Sailing to Gozo

Malta consists of 3 bigger islands that deserve to be discovered by sailing: The Island of Malta, Gozo and Comino. However, there are smaller islands that are as beautiful and worth visiting: Filfla (which however cannot be stepped on due to it being protected) and the St. Paul Islands.

The size of the island allows you to have a calm anchorage

Blue Lagoon on a sailing boat
Blue Lagoon of Comino on a sailing yacht

Navigation from any marina around Valletta to the other side of the island in the North is approximately around 1,5 hours and 1 hour if going South. This will allow you to find a spot to hide North from southern winds and the opposite while being able to swim and snorkel while on anchor in a calm bay. If planning a day at sea, due to this, it almost never goes wrong. Of course sometime it rains but it happens very rarely or never in summer.

Crystal blue waters with beautiful marine life

Sea bed st Maria Bay Comino
Underwater view in St. Maria Bay of Comino island

Malta is famous for its beautiful crystal clear waters. Often when dropping anchor at a 10mt depth, you can easily see the sea bed from the boat. The underwater life is a scenario of peace, with many different types of fish and corals. Malta is a very famous diving spot in Europe, so make sure you have at least your snorkelling mask to enjoy some snorkelling time.

Wild areas

il-Hofriet Malta
Sailing boat in il il-Hofriet South of Malta

While many locals on their day off prefer to sail to the North area of Malta, to Comino and drop anchor for the weekend in Blue Lagoon due to its spectacular blue colour, those who want some quiet time usually sail south, where the waters are as clean but is less populated by people and other boats around. A good stop is il-Hofriet in the Delimara area. This is situated right next to St. Peters pool, in case you also like cliff diving.


Most popular anchorage spots in Malta

Blue Lagoon Comino Malta
Comino island view of Blue Lagoon

If you do not mind the crowd and you still want to visit the famous spots that made Malta famous worldwide, then on the top of the list there is certainly Blue Lagoon of Comino. Sailing to Comino which is at 14 nautical miles along the coast from Valletta will take you about 1,5 hours at the speed of 7 knots. From the Blue Lagoon, you can easily move to Crystal Lagoon to enjoy a bit calmer scenario as it is a bit less popular. St. Maria Bay also deserves a visit if sailing in the Comino area.

Another spot that is very popular in summer is Selmun Bay, due to it being a sandy beach, the sea colour is very beautiful and clear to swim in.



St Maria Bay Comino Malta
People swimming next to the sailing boat
Sail boat on sunset
Sunset on a sailing boat in Malta

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