Public Holidays in Malta 2019

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Public holidays in Malta 2019 swimming
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Public holidays in Malta 2019

Malta is the country with the most holidays in Europe! Yes, it seems like we just love holidays!! After the Public holidays of 2018, we are already looking forward to the ones of 2019. We think that the weekend is too short, therefore, we try our very best to get as many holidays as possible. Everyone chooses to spend their public holidays in Malta in different ways, some organise barbeques, some go trekking, others find themselves going to visit Gozo for a day, hiring a boat or going to Comino, anything is good as long as we get some rest and spend some qulity time outdoors.  

Overview of Public Holidays in Malta of 2019

Children are also lucky here, not just the workers. Kids get to have a few days of carnival holidays, around two weeks of Easter holidays and almost three months of summer holidays. No wonder kids are quite happy on this island! Malta bank holidays are not very popular amongst people other than the ones working at banks, on these days only the minority of the population has a day off, the rest are working as on other usual days. The Malta Bank holidays 2019 will be Easter Monday and Boxing day. Father’s day and Mother’s day are very popular days in Malta, everyone celebrates them, however, they are not holidays, they fall on Sundays but people work as usual on these days. Many of the holidays are religious related, even those non-believers tend to believe slightly more on these days, while hoping for some more holidays to fall on weekdays instead of weekends. Till a few years ago, Malta had a law that every holiday that falls on a non-working day, would be accumulated as a day off for each employee. I still remember when one of the parties removed this law and how upset the population was that they were about to lose a couple of days off per year! As a southern Mediterranean country, where weather is mostly warm and sunny, you can’t expect its people to be eager to go to work instead of spending the day out chilling in the sun!

Public holidays in Malta 2019

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