Visit Gozo in 1 day

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Visit Gozo in 1 day
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Gozo, being the sister island and smaller than the mainland, one might think that there isn’t much to visit but here’s why you’re wrong! The island of Gozo has so much to offer, so much authenticity and beauty. So, even if you are in Malta for a short trip, visiting Gozo is always a great idea.

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Getting to Gozo from the mainland is easy, and there are also plenty of means to get there. Gozo Ferry runs from Cirkewwa every 30 minutes more or less, this departs from Cirkewwa, the last point of Malta. Another option is to get a helicopter, this is not as efficient and needs more planning in advance since it is not as frequent. One should also know that there are the options of renting a boat for a private charter which gives you the opportunity to have a local skipper showing you around some secluded beaches.

Traffic is not that much of a problem in here, however we would still recommend renting a car to make the most out of your day here. Getting a hop on hop off bus turns out to also be quite an efficient way to move around. Lastly, there is also the public transport which can also get you where you want to go, it is just a little bit more time consuming.

What to Visit:

Here are some tips of what to visit in Gozo, it’s a mix of touristy places and less touristy ones.

Firstly we would recommend having a walk around Rabat (the Capital), having your breakfast which is usually a toast or a ‘pastizz’ together with a tea or coffee in a transparent glass, do it as the locals do. Once you’re done, walk up to the Citadella, here you can see the newly renovated old city and the magnificent views of Gozo. Rabat is right in the centre of the island, therefore, you can make your way to anywhere in a few minutes.

Wied il Ghasri, is a valley which leads you to the sea, because of this, the sea looks like a river which then leads you to the open waters. On your way here have a quick stop at ‘Qbajjar’ the place where the local salt pans are situated and buy yourself some Gozitan salt.

After the collapse of the famous ‘Azure Window’ people have discovered yet another huge window and you can find it in ‘Wied il-Mielah’, this has also become a popular spot for those adventurous climbers. At the old Azure Window location, one can still find the only inland sea on the island and extremely beautiful sea to swim and snorkle.

Mgarr ix-Xini is also a very beautiful place to swim, snorkel, rock climb and catch those wonderful pictures, after all it is where Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s latest movie was shot.

San Blas bay is worth a visit, if you’re not into walking, there is normally a Jeep that takes people to and from the beach. However, if you’re not up for it and only want to catch a glimpse of the view, stop by at Gozo’s most famous bakeries Maxokk or Mekren in Nadur before, for a traditionally cooked pizza, grab one and eat it at the park overlooking the bay. Oh and don’t forget to place your order before, waiting time can be quite long!

The famous Ramla l-Hamra (Red Sandy Beach) is close by and quite easy to access. If you’ve been wondering where the famous cave is, you can walk up to it from the beach. The cave is called ‘tal-Mixta Cave’, you can get to it by car aswel!

Xlendi is definitely a must see, it’s bay opens up to the cliffs on both side, don’t just stay on the sandy part, either rent a kayak and go to the left side of the beach, or else you can walk there, you’ll find yourself walking on the cliffs, I can assure you, the view is breath taking. If you would like to eat in a nice place with a wonderful view, we recommend you try ‘Ic-Cima’, their fish is a must try.

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