Travelling to Malta with children

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Malta is a true destination for all seasons and reasons. But this tiny island in the Mediterranean is also a destination for all ages, shapes and sizes. Indeed, Malta is renowned with the party-goers, beach lovers, sun seekers, history hunters…and is simply perfect for a getaway with your family. That, of course, includes places to visit and things to do with young children. 

In this article we will explore the best things you can do with your young ones and the reasons why Malta is the best place to travel with your children. 

Safe and sound

Malta is a among the safest countries to travel to in the whole world. Crime rate is low and very few tourists have reported any cases of petty theft or any form of crime for that matter, during their stay in Malta. On this regard alone, Malta is a true blessing. Of course the locals are aware of the ripe corruption and fights which erupt because of tribal politics. But tourists chose Malta because for them is incredibly safe. 

Parents who travel with kids always have their children’s safety as a major concern and this archipelago makes for the perfect destination. 

Travel made easy

The island is very small, so travelling is made easy and efficiently. Getting from one place to another does not involve long hours of travelling in buses or trains. Children tends to get very edgy with long bus rides or long drives to reach some touristic site. In Malta, that will not be an issue. 

Getting to the beach is easy, renting a car does not cost much and a lot of small towns are practically connected by travelling on foot. 

Things to do with your kids in Malta

  • Head to the beach

As we have already explored in some detail in previous articles, beaching in Malta is, well, the thing to do. It’s free, country enjoys a surreal amount of days full of sun, place is safe and beaches are the perfect place for kids to stretch their legs both in winter and summer. 

Swimming will definitely be on your to do list when holidaying in Malta, and sure enough you can enjoy it with your kids.

  • Go kayaking

Perhaps ideal for children between 9 and 14, kayaking, just like other water activities, is a great way to spend your time in sunny Malta. Renting a kayak is cheap and there’s some amazing places you can explore. 

  • Charter a yacht

Among the best activities we suggest to do with your children and all of the family, is to charter a yacht. It is the one activity you cannot miss while travelling on an island surrounded by beautiful crystalline waters. A day on a nice yacht is a true experience to treasure. Parents can enjoy a nice meal on board, all the family can surely enjoy the views and children will have the time of their life with some snorkelling and proper Mediterranean swimming.

What’s great about yacht charters, is that the unique weather in Malta allows for these trips to take place even in the dead of winter. And winter sun in Malta is something to look forward to. 

  • Learn some history

Not all kids are fans of Dora the Explorer, but every kid loves observing some interesting historic artefact, especially when these artefacts are kept in some of the most ancient, baroque decorated buildings in Europe. Because history in Malta is not merely confined to the walls of a Museum – some small villages reek of history just by walking down the street. Have a look at our article on Valletta and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Recently, the authorities have invested good money to make history more interactive. That is why if you do get the chance, visit places like the Citadella in Victoria, Gozo, and check out their visual presentation underneath the fort. Same thing in the silent city of Imdina or Cospicua. 

  • Take your kids to Popeye village

As the name implies, this is a movie set from the 1980 musical film staring Robin Williams, Popeye. After the movie was shot, the set was transformed into an attraction for all the family. The park was built on magnificent Anchor Bay (which by the way is an incredible spot for sunsets) and holds daily shows with music and entertainment for children.

  • Go to a local festa

Local village feasts are a big thing in tiny Malta and feasts for the patrons saints of each and every village go on throughout most of the summer months. Make sure you take your whole family to experience this fun, cultural activities. A great feature of these festas are the magnificent fireworks. Despite being small in size, local villages here spend big money in organising great pyrotechnic performances. Some, like the locality of Hal Ghaxaq, have even competed and won international events.

  • Go to Gozo

Tourist authorities here like to promote it as ‘the best extra mile’ and its for good reason. Malta’s sister island of Gozo is a pristine, little island with lots of things to offer both for summer and winter. For the cold months, it’s a great place to enjoy nature and organise some beautiful family walks. For summer, there are hundreds of incredible swimming spots, beaches and, for the more adventurous, snorkelling and diving.   

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