Bachelor or Bachelorette Party on a Boat

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Bachelorette party in Malta on a boat
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Been wrecking your brain on how to organise the best Bachelor/Bachelorette party for you or your close ones? We know how difficult it has become to organise such events, being original and staying within a budget. This is why we think that chartering a boat is a brilliant idea.

Over the summer we had groups who rented our Yacht for both a Bachelor & Bachelorette Party! But why is it such a great idea?

Renting a yacht for bachelor or bachelorette party in Malta

In Malta the summer season is long and therefore the weather is a huge plus on organising such an event. Renting a sailing boat gives you the possibility to gather the whole group in a relatively small area but with ample space for chilling. If your selected day is not at the peak of the summer and you think it’s too late, think again. Once there are fewer boats at sea, just like everything else, there are the plus sides to it; Dolphins come out to play more often. Read also our guide here.

Our sailing yacht is fully equipped, you name it, you find it! People organise their own food and drinks and therefore you do not get overpriced for the service of someone providing you with them. Some might be concerned about excessive exposure in the sun? sea sickness? No problem! Simply have a swim – the sea is the best cure to all of it!

Guests on board vary from locals to tourists, one doesn’t need to be in Malta for long, even a 3 day visit is enough. Renting a boat is an excellent way to see Malta from a different perspective. Some people would already have a route in mind, however, we also give some suggestions depending on the weather. Certain clients want to visit places and take those pictures they’ve seen people post on social media, others prefer going to more private and secluded places.

Lastly, doesn’t matter how low the budget is, chartering a boat will not exceed it since there can be up to 11 people on board!

Which soon to be bride/groom wouldn’t want to spend a day out at sea with their favourite people?

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Explore the Maltese coasts on board of our sailing yacht on a private charter: visit Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon

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