Beach, beer and nightlife. Why Bugibba is the most convenient place for tourists visiting Malta

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Bugibba Malta
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The northern part of Malta has one particular place which attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. Tourists of all age, gender and budget flock to beloved Bugibba as it is the place which promises a wide range of bars, restaurants and proper Mediterranean beaching. It might not resonate much with tourists seeking history or architecture, but Bugibba is an ideal one-stop-shop for a holiday in Malta. Beach, beer and nightlife which will leave you spoilt for choice. What more can you want?

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Why stay in Bugibba?

There are a lot of reasons why you should make Bugibba your base for an unforgettable holiday in Malta. First of all, the list of possible accommodation facilities in this small town is endless. From very popular hotels to apartments up for rent, there’s high competition for the tourism market in this area of Malta.

It’s next to the beach and wherever you stay in Bugibba, you will always be no further than half a kilometre away from the crystal blue sea. As for the evenings here, you want nightlife to be within walking distance and that is what makes Bugibba so popular with tourists. In summer, expect the population of tourists to rise. People of all ages tend to like Bugibba and many have visited the place more than once. In winter, things take a drastic change. However, despite being more quite, restaurants and bars in the area are still very much active. As for the sea, unless it is really windy, is still very much beautiful to observe all day long thanks to the promenade.

Bugibba Square 2

History of Bugibba

History and Bugibba don’t go hand in hand and it is not renowned for rich history. So it would seem, but this is not a just statement. Before we delve deep, it is good for you to understand how the dynamics of this little beach town developed. It was always a very popular destination for tourists but the demographics have changed a lot in recent years. Some refer to it as a town, others as a touristic hub or even a district of the much loved Saint Paul’s Bay (the small town adjacent to it).

The first essential thing you need to know is how to actually pronounce the name. The ‘g’ in Bugibba is pronounced like the ‘g’ in gender or general.  

History books tell us that Bugibba has been inhabited since the 4th millennia B.C and a testament to this is a unique temple which has incredibly survived to this very day. The relic is today part of one particular hotel and is definitely worth a visit. In the area, you will also find a military battery built by the Order of St John while in Malta. The structure was erected in 1715.

Bugibba Fat Harry's Pub
Fat Harry’s Pub

Where is Bugibba?

Bugibba sits on almost the top most northern tip of the main island. It touches two other towns, Saint Paul’s Bay and Qawra, both are worth a visit and are within walking distance. Technically speaking, Bugibba constitutes the area between the salt pans of Qawra to the area known as ‘Gillieru’ harbour. It is also very close to Cirkewwa, which is the place from which you can catch the ferry to visit the second island in the archipelago, Gozo.

San Anthony street 228 Bugibba, SPB 2659
San Anthony street

Things to do in Bugibba

Bugibba is popular mostly because it’s a sea-side hub full of pubs and restaurants to keep you well-entertained during your holiday in Malta. Taking a relaxing day at the beach would be obvious, but we will list every possible option for you to make your life easier and slightly more entertaining.

  • Stroll up and down the famous Bugibba promenade. You can walk all the way to Qawra or Saint Paul’s Bay
  • Look for some traditional, colourful fishing boats at the Bugibba harbour
  • Rent a small boat and spend a morning on one of St Paul’s Islands just opposite Bugibba
  • Dance away at one of the many boat parties organised here
  • Swim at the area known as Ta’ Fra Ben, a rocky beach with beautiful water
  • Visit the Malta National Aquarium for a true experience of what lies in Maltese waters
  • Visit Malta’s Bird Park, a conservation park for endemic Maltese species of birds and other wildlife
  • Relax at the Kennedy Grove Park
  • Visit the tower and fortifications in Qawra for a little bit of historic touch
Bugibba Beach
Bugibba Beach

Where to eat and drink in Bugibba

Bugibba is a hotpot for international cuisine and that’s why it’s hard to compile a decent list when the options are so varied, but here is what we suggest:    

  • Sofra Kebab for cheap and sizeable Turkish food
  • Garam Masala for delicious Indian cuisine
  • The Brothers, a true and genuine Bulgarian restaurant with very reasonable prices and a wide menu
  • Venus Restaurant offering genuine food and nice ambience
  • O’Reilly’s Gastro Pub has some amazing cocktails in a great ambience
  • Cafe’ Del Mar is very well known for its infinity pool and a perfect spot for an amazing sunset
  • Choco Kebab Cafe’ ideal for vegan food menu
  • Sotto Zero is a gelato factory offering some of the best ice-cream flavours on the island

How to get to Bugibba?

From Cirkewwa

Once you get down from the ferry, Bugibba is only a couple of kilometres away and you can get there by catching the number 221

From Valletta

From Valletta you can catch numbers 31, 45 and 48 all head to Bugibba from Malta’s capital.

From the Airport

The X3 will take you all the way from the Airport to Bugibba.

Pioneer Road Bugibba
Pioneer Road Bugibba

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