Paradise Bay: All you need to know about Malta’s very own slice of Paradise

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Top view of Paradise Bay
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The name sounds cheesy and unoriginal. We can agree on that. And who knows how many beaches in the world are named in a way which are somehow linked to paradise. But this small bay has indeed managed to offer experiences of celestial proportions and the waters are so clear, you would really think it must have a touch of paradise. In this article, we will dish out all you need to know about Paradise Bay for your next holiday in Malta. 

Quick tip: before going, you can check the sea condition live, available on Paradise Bay Live Cam page.

Where is Paradise Bay located?

Paradise Bay sits on the north-western coastal part of the island of Malta. It sits next to Cirkewwa, which is from where you go and get the Gozo Channel ferry to Malta’s sister island of Gozo

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A shrinking beach

Malta is surrounded with beautiful beaches. However, due to aggressive erosion from extremely windy days sometimes leaves beautiful sandy beaches like Paradise Bay, well, with less sand. 

In fact, in the last couple of years, the beach in Paradise Bay has shrunk drastically. People who visited the place after a number of years would tell you that the sand area on the beach was actually much larger. That, however, does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy the unique, blue water. It’s just that you will have a less of a ‘sandy’ experience which, while it puts off some, it’s a blessing for others. 

Where to stay in Paradise Bay

If you wish to stay in a place where you actually overlook the beautiful sandy beach, then you have little option but to stay at the popular Paradise Bay Hotel. The hotel there is well equipped also to give diving or snorkelling tours. It also has restaurants where to eat and inside swimming pools. Of course, the most amazing thing about the hotel is that it shares the stunning views of the beach. 

If you would want somewhere perhaps a bit cheaper but still relatively close to Paradise Bay area, the best option would be the town of Mellieha, which is home to another very touristic beach, Mellieha Bay. Here you will be able to find cheaper options for your accommodation and at the same time, you’ll still be a couple of kilometres away from this slice of paradise.

Things you need to know before you go to Paradise Bay

  • Like all of the heavily touristic places in Malta, Paradise Bay tends to get crowded in the peak summer season (June, July and August). And considering the size of the beach, a couple of hundred people can easily jam-pack the area. 
  • If you want to get out of the crowd then your bet is to go further away in the sea, easily possible if you rent a Kayak. There’s a beautiful rocky formation on the left side once you start rowing yourself out which is worth the energy. You’ll also enjoy some quiet, away from the buzz of the crowds.  
  • Having said that, despite being very popular, the site is pretty hard to access if you choose public transport. There are buses which stop you somewhere close, but in the middle of summer, you would still need to take a bit of a walk.
  • To get down to the beach, there’s a huge set of stairs which means that it is not possible to get there if you have mobility issues. 
  • Parking is not a problem. There’s a relatively good-sized parking area which makes your life easier. 

Things to do in Paradise Bay (besides swimming, of course)

  • As mentioned before, Kayaking in Paradise bay is a beautiful experience. Depending on the season, rental companies usually charge between 12 – 15 euros per hour. 
  • Snorkeling is also a good option for crystal blue waters such those at this bay. You can either can a pair of snorkelling goggles yourself or rent one from the hotel. 
  • Diving is another good water activity you can try here. The diving school is also in the vicinity.

Where to eat in Paradise Bay

Considering the size of the beach, there’s a big lido which although provides good food options at varying prices, it tends to devalue the atmosphere of utmost natural beauty in the area. They serve all kinds of regular goodies such as burgers and pasta. 

The other, more Maltese option is to make a good old Maltese ftira, get a couple of beers in a cooler and find a small corner to claim your own. 

How to get to Paradise Bay

By Car/ Motorcycle: If you are renting a car or a motorcycle, getting to Paradise Bay is easy and fast. There are signs which start all the way from Mellieha. You’ll also get to drive a beautiful, rugged area of Malta once you get off the main roads.

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By Bus from Valletta (Capital City and Main bus Terminus): Catch any of numbers 4142 or X1 from Valletta which will drop you off just next to the Paradise Bay Hotel in Ċirkewwa. Then just follow the signs to walk. 

By Bus from Mellieha (Neighbouring town):  There’s the number 101 which leaves from the centre of Mellieha and drops you straight in the parking area above the beach. 

Last minute tip

It’s good for you to know that there are decent public amenities there which are free to use. Pay attention to the flag system because it sometimes tends to get windy. And finally, get sunscreen and lots of water. There’s an area with trees which enjoys some shade but if you don’t get the privilege, you’ll end up spending your day in the sun.  

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