Seven Days Sailing Itinerary in Malta

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Crystal Lagoon Malta
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In case you chose Malta for your holiday and would like to spend time sailing around, here is an itinerary that you might find useful to make the most out of these incredible islands.

Obviously the itinerary has to be chosen in accordance with the skipper so as to know possibilities for such an itinerary due to possible weather restrictions.

First day

Depends on the time of the check-in to the boat, you can spend this day in different ways, but assuming that you will arrive at the boat in the evening, after all the preparation, of course, visit the area, the city where the boat is located. If instead, you are departing in the morning, then jump to the route that is mentioned in day two.

Second day

Comino, Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, Comino

If there is no strong wind, options are totally open and therefore, I would suggest the following for the first day at sea in Malta. It is always advisable to depart as early as possible when heading to the Blue Lagoon, this will guarantee a good spot in the busy Lagoon just before the arrival of the fleet of commercial boats. On the way there, a stop at the St.Pauls Islands is something we suggest. These islands right in Saint Paul’s Bay are beautiful and easily accessible by the dinghy. They are small but nice to have a walk on all the way up, until the statue of St Paul. Another stop could be Mistra Bay and have a swim in crystal waters of Blata l-Bajda. Selmun Bay is also in the area and quite pretty to visit.

Once you arrive at Blue Lagoon, have a swim and some snorkeling while visiting the caves. This place deserves to be seen at different times of the day because its colours make it so beautiful both during the day but also while the sun is setting. Snorkeling here is very nice but eventually when it too crowded, it can become very loud and busy and therefore it might be better to move to a different place. If you are sailing during the summer, then it is better to leave to a different spot and come back later here again for the sunset. If you are visiting Comino island over the weekend, expect very loud music, a lot of people and a lot of traffic. Crystal Lagoon is just a few meters away but due to its size, it makes it much easier to find a calmer spot where one could have lunch and maybe cliff jump.


Entering the rock from behind Cominotto you will find usually covered spots which allow a calm anchorage and gives you also the possibility to tie the boat’s stern to the rocks. This will allow you to have a nice evening with the perfect sunset and calm night and early morning without people on the island. Hiking on the Island of Comino is very nice, especially with the smell of cumin all over. Nothing beats a morning swim, though. Waking up to a morning coffee and having a dip in the sea.

Crystal Lagoon, Comino

Third day

Around Gozo

Maltese islands
Mgarr, Gozo

Sailing to Gozo for a day is a must, the most recommended stops would be Mgarr IX-Xini, Xlendi, Blue Hole of San Lawrence, Ramla Bay, and San Blas.

Check out our guide to the beaches of Gozo here:


San Blas can be a good option for an incredible evening and night on a yacht. The shades of yellow of this spot in Gozo will surely remain in your memory for a very long time after this trip.

Forth day

Visit Victoria, Gozo by land.

Panoramic view from Gozo to Comino and Malta

If you are considering to spend a night in a marina in Gozo, Mgarr Marina can be a good option. The price of the marina for a 40-45 ft sail yacht should be around Euro 50. Since you will be sailing to Mgarr Marina, I would recommend stopping in Ras il-Qala, where it usually is usually calm since it is surrounded by the rocks around it. Mgarr Marina is a small marina and in summer, we recommend to book a spot in advance. Once you’re berthed, with a few minutes of walking, you will find yourself in the authentic city of Mgarr. Here, you can find a few nice restaurants very close to the sea. All of them are very hospitable and ready to serve you and offer you some traditional Gozitan food. Get ready to try fresh fish and seafood. You can also find some good quality Gozitan wine. The city itself will not impress you as it is a small harbour city that connects Gozo to Malta, and therefore,  it might seem quite chaotic unlike, the rest of Gozo. If you feel like visiting the Island, we suggest you visit the capital city and the Citadel which is situated in the heart of the Capital, Rabat. On the way back grab a traditional pizza from one of the local Bakeries. Most of what is left to see on the Island is probably discovered by boat.

Fifth Day

Paradise Bay, Malta

By now you ready to hit the western coast of Malta, the least discovered areas of the island.  Make your way sailing to Paradise Bay, then head further down towards Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha. If you wish, spending a night here could be an option, however, if you decided to sail around the whole island, then going more south passing Dingli Cliffs to Blue Grotto and drop anchor there with the view of Filfla island could be a better option. This is a perfect spot for a sunset.

Sixth day

Hoffriet, Delimara

So far, you have seen most of the Maltese islands but you still have some exciting time to discover the South. Marsaxlokk is a harbour city and while it might not look great from the sea, if you tie the yacht to a buoy, you can easily get on shore with the dinghy to try some local food and visit the city which is also referred to as the fishing village. After visiting Marsaxlokk, just around the corner, you will find the St.Peters pool and the two amazing bays of Il-Hofriet. These bays are perfect to swim and just chill. Spending the night here will give you all the tranquility you need for spending the last night on board.

Seventh day

Valletta at sunset on a sailboat

When you wake up on the last day of the sailing holiday in Malta, you can make your way sailing towards the marina, this would more or less take about 1.5 hours. If you wish, once you’re at the Marina, you can easily get to visit the wonderful city of Valletta, it not only has beautiful architecture but also many shops, restaurants, and cute little cafes.

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